Grantee Stories

bug on a leaf

Identifying Alternative Practices for Controlling a Snap Bean Pest

Louis Nottingham Virginia Tech SARE grant: Management of Mexican Bean Beetle, Epilachna verivestis Mulsant, in Snap Beans Using Cultural Control Strategies (2013) Where he is now: Graduate research assistant and Ph.D. candidate About the Grant A Fan of the SARE Program Publications and Resources After receiving an undergraduate education in biology and working in fish and wildlife management, […]

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Navigating the Costs and Returns of Farm-to-Institution Markets

Jill Ann Fitzsimmons University of Massachusetts, Amherst SARE grant: Costs and returns to New England farmers in the farm-to-institution supply chain (2013) Where she is now: Ph.D. candidate in resource economics About the Grant Publications for Farmers Online Brokerages Large institutions such as hospitals, universities, schools and government agencies are increasingly willing to buy from local and regional farmers, […]

Drainage ditch

Achieving Cleaner Water Through Nitrate Loss Reduction

Laura Christianson Iowa State University SARE grant: Producer Education of Nitrate Reduction Strategies and Evaluation of Acceptance (2009) Where she is now: Assistant Professor of Water Quality, University of Illinois | Illinois SARE Co-Coordinator About the Grant Findings Selected Publications The challenge is vast: The Corn Belt includes 38 million acres with tile drainage, and while tiling […]

Omondi speaking at a field day

Keeping an Open Mind

Emmanuel Omondi University of Wyoming SARE grant: Potential of Managing Iron and Zinc Deficiency in Dry Beans with Interplantings of Annual Ryegrass and Increased Bean Density (2008) Where he is now: Research Director, Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial About the Grant Partnering with Farmers Publications and Outreach Dry beans, Wyoming’s fourth-largest crop by value, can suffer reduced […]

Lambs in a pasture

Controlling Sheep Parasites with Alternative Dewormer Treatments

Javier Garza Louisiana State University SARE grant: Effect of copper oxide wire particles compared to copper sulfate on Haemonchus contortus infection in lambs (2009) Where he is now: Post-Doctoral Fellow, West Virginia University’s Parasite Immunology Lab About the Grant Supporting a Toolbox of Solutions Publications and Resources Overuse of dewormers to control internal parasites in sheep has made certain […]

Finding Better Ways to Battle Bugs

Lily Calderwood University of Vermont SARE grant: Evaluation of flowering cover crops as an IPM tool in Northeastern hop production (2012) Where she is now: Commercial Horticulture Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension About the Grant Giving Back Outreach and Publications When it comes to managing pests, many growers are working to find ecological strategies that reduce pesticide use and […]

Shoshanah Inwood and farm family at a market

Helping Farm Families Thrive From One Generation to the Next

Shoshanah Inwood The Ohio State University SARE grant: Sustaining the Family Farm at the Rural-Urban Interface: Farm Succession Processes of Alternative Food and Agricultural Enterprises and Traditional Commodity Farmers (2006) Where she is now: Assistant Professor, University of Vermont About the Grant Health Resources for Farm Families Selected Publications The modest funding Shoshanah Inwood received through her SARE […]

Improving Soil Health for Northwestern Growers

Doug Collins Washington State University SARE grant: Soil Community Structure, Function and Spatial Variation in an Organic Agroecosystem (2006) Where he is now: Small Farms Extension Specialist, Washington State University About the Grant Additional SARE-Funded Research Selected Publications Doug Collins focused his research efforts on a topic of great interest to the region’s specialty crop growers, […]