About the Graduate Student Grant Program

SARE is a USDA-funded program that offers grants and educational opportunities to farmers, ranchers, researchers and educators to advance sustainable innovations in agriculture. In 2000, Southern SARE initiated the Graduate Student grants program as an investment in the next generation of sustainable agriculture leaders. The other SARE regions soon followed—all seeing the value in such a training opportunity for the future of agriculture. Since 2000, the four SARE regions have awarded a total of $7.2 million to 600 graduate students.

The goal of the program is the same in each SARE region, but the application criteria and awards can vary. Students are required to work with a faculty advisor. Depending on the region, grant amounts range from $11,000 to $25,000 with a maximum project duration of two or three years.

Apply for a SARE Grant

Visit the national SARE website to learn how to apply for a grant.