Grantee Stories

Drainage ditch

Achieving Cleaner Water Through Nitrate Loss Reduction

Laura Christianson Iowa State UniversitySARE grant: Producer Education of Nitrate Reduction Strategies and Evaluation of Acceptance (2009)Where she is now: Assistant Professor of Water Quality, University of Illinois | Illinois SARE Co-Coordinator

Omondi speaking at a field day

Keeping an Open Mind

Emmanuel OmondiUniversity of WyomingSARE grant: Potential of Managing Iron and Zinc Deficiency in Dry Beans with Interplantings of Annual Ryegrass and Increased Bean Density (2008)Where he is now: Research Director, Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial

Lambs in a pasture

Controlling Sheep Parasites with Alternative Dewormer Treatments

Javier GarzaLouisiana State UniversitySARE grant: Effect of copper oxide wire particles compared to copper sulfate on Haemonchus contortus infection in lambs (2009)Where he is now: Post-Doctoral Fellow, West Virginia University’s Parasite Immunology Lab

Finding Better Ways to Battle Bugs

Lily CalderwoodUniversity of VermontSARE grant: Evaluation of flowering cover crops as an IPM tool in Northeastern hop production (2012)Where she is now: Commercial Horticulture Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Shoshanah Inwood and farm family at a market

Helping Farm Families Thrive From One Generation to the Next

Shoshanah Inwood The Ohio State UniversitySARE grant: Sustaining the Family Farm at the Rural-Urban Interface: Farm Succession Processes of Alternative Food and Agricultural Enterprises and Traditional Commodity Farmers (2006)Where she is now: Assistant Professor, University of Vermont

Improving Soil Health for Northwestern Growers

Doug CollinsWashington State UniversitySARE grant: Soil Community Structure, Function and Spatial Variation in an Organic Agroecosystem (2006)Where he is now: Small Farms Extension Specialist, Washington State University